Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Naughtiest Cheerleaders in History

Give me an "S"! Give me an "L"! Give me a "U"! Give me a "T"! Give me an "S"!

As if Oregon wasn't having enough off-the-field troubles, it had to extend to their cheerleaders.

The 18-year-old Ducks cheerleader was cited for a DUI after a police officer saw her having trouble parallel parking.

Honestly, that guy must be Super Cop because every woman trying to parallel park looks drunk to me.


This is one of the few pictures the Sacramento Kings' cheerleaders put on the internet while in their cheerleading uniforms that I can actually show.

The Maloofs said they would not tolerate such behavior, which is odd because as far as I know, they weren't suspended or anything, and it's not like the Maloofs lead the most squeaky-clean lives.

I feel like this sort of behavior should be encouraged, not frowned upon.


I'm not quite sure whether these are high school girls or college girls, but either way I'm fairly sure they're not old enough to be drinking.

Still, even after all these pictures of them hit the internet, I'd say their biggest crime was hanging with the d-bag in the background.

Way to throw up that peace sign, dude.


Yes, please!

Arizona State is known to be home to some of the hottest co-eds on the face of the planet. So when six members of the cheerleading team put pictures up on the internet of themselves in underwear, it was cause for celebration.

Well, celebration for us, not for them. The school was so upset that they didn't kick the offending girls off the team, but they canceled the cheerleading team for a whole year!

Totally worth it.


This former Washington Redskins cheerleader is hot. So hot that she attracted the attention of Redskins' tight end, Chris Cooley. It sounds good for her, but the team didn't really see it that way.

See, in the Redskins organization, cheerleaders are prohibited from dating players. So Christie was fired.

Sad for her. After getting fired from her "lucrative" cheerleading job, she now enjoys living as a super hot and rich trophy wife. I'm sure she was really upset.


The New England Patriots took a risk when they allowed 18-year-old Caitlin Davis on to the team. She may have been young, but she was totally hot enough. But what put her over the top was how she talked about looking forward to doing community service with the team.

Fast forward to this:
Caitlin was pictured drawing all over her passed out friend, including some swastikas, which was terrific. She was promptly kicked off the team.

However, the New England beer pong team quickly picked her up for her talent in shaming drunk people.


Remember those Arizona State cheerleaders that got their season canceled? Well, one of the reasons the school came down so hard on them was because they've had cheerleader issues in the past.

The biggest instance was with Courtney Simpson, a former cheerleader for the Sun Devils, who showed up later in a porn actually performing while wearing her uniform.

The school understandably went nuts and the producer reversed the photo so it said "USA" instead of "ASU" and blurred anything else that might associate with it.

My favorite part about the story was that Simpson kept working during the controversy "five to six days per week," which equals out to about 73 films.


A member of the Louisville Cardinals national championship-winning cheerleading squad, Becca Mann seemed like your normal all-American girl. That is until she posted a ton of naked pictures of herself on the internet.

And not just naked, either. I'm talking super-dirty-don't-look-for-these-at-work pictures of herself and also some while having sex with her boyfriend.

How they got out on the internet is a mystery. Some say her memory stick was stolen, others say the boyfriend did it, but all we know for sure is that Becca Mann is one naughty cheerleader.


When you're naughty enough to get your own Lifetime movie, you deserve a spot near the top of this list.

The Fab Five, as they were known, were five popular cheerleaders who released a bunch of bawdy photos at a condom store with the behavior to match. These high school girls were the stereotypical mean girls, but with an interesting wrinkle: their ringleader was the principal's daughter.

They ruled the school with a bedazzled iron fist. Talk about jail-bait that really might get you thrown in jail.


Fantasy, meet reality.

Every guy heard his wildest dreams come true when the story broke that two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were arrested for having sex in the bathroom together, then getting into a fight with the people who were upset at waiting so long.

It became less awesome when one of the cheerleaders turned out to be kind of fugly, but still, that's pretty amazing.
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