Saturday, October 16, 2010


Male fans love based god so much they offer their girlfriends and mothers to him as carnal sacrifices. At least that's what happened at B's recent show in Santa Barbara, California.

A guy screams out, "f*ck my b*tch based god."

Not satisfied with B's response, the same fan then yells out, "f*ck my mom based god."

Based god proceeds to walk over and kiss this fan's Hand.....remember this is a dude, OK?

Now I've spoken with some and they said "Lil B ain't gay" then I asked them "Would you kiss a dude's hand?" They replied "No"! I ain't kissing no dude on his hand! I ain't kissing no dude nowhere on his body! call me what you want but I ain't doing that S**T!"

Now "BASED" "god"or not, THAT IS SOME GAY ****! If this nigga is not the new gay rapper then I don't know who is. Hell after being shown pictures of Lil Wayne kissing Baby on the lips Lil Wayne's album went platinum.

What do I think?

B*****S can hug each other, B*****S can kiss each other, HELL, B*****S can F**K each other. The way I see it 'dem B******S is LESBIANS'! It is not in my nature to be a hypocrite so, N*GGAS can hug each other, and N*GGAS can kiss each other (on the hand or on the know 50 CENT & GAME), HELL N*ggas will & do F**K each other. The way I see it, 'dem N*ggas is GAY!

Lil B, you are no exception to the rule. N*GGA YOU GAY!

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